Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Develop With Care - Red-legged Frog

These frogs breed in wetlands and ponds in the spring.The tadpoles grow quickly, changing to adult form duringthe summer. Once they finish breeding, the adults leavethe wetlands and travel long distances through uplandand riparian forests. They are loyal to their homes andwill return to natal wetlands even if these are drained orare blocked—leading to local population extinctions.

Develop With Care Factsheet # 14 Red-legged Frog

image credit Gord Gadsden



For the most up to date information regarding guidelines and regulatory requirements for various species and ecological communities at risk in BC, please contact the relevant staff with the Province of BC, Environment Canada, Pacific Region or the Species at Risk Program of the Ecosystems Management Branch, Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Pacific Region. Detailed contact information can be found on our CONTACT page. 


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