Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast


Endangered Times - Spring/Summer: 'SEARious' Science

The role played by invasive species in interactions with endangered and threatened species in the United States: a systematic review

The Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10) has reported “invasive species as 2nd greatest cause of species extinction”, but what is the evidence that such extreme effects are accurate?

Endangered Times – Spring/Summer: South Coast Voice

The Footprint Press "Tread Lightly and Listen to the Land"

By Tracy Lyster







Endangered Times - Spring/Summer 2019: Species Pick!

One Frog, Two Frog, Green Frog, Bullfrog!

By Pamela Zevit RPBio.

Attending a recent outing to learn about the habits and habitat of our most endangered amphibian, the Oregon Spotted Frog, made me reflect on the issues surrounding our native frog species and their invading cousins. How well do we really understand how invasive and native species of frogs interact, or the implications of the expanding range of the Green Frog or American Bullfrog? Here is some food for thought:


Endangered Times – Spring/Summer 2019: Programs & Resources:

Have you checked out our website lately? Our website has gone through a major reorganization, with oodles of new tools added to the Resources tab and a shiny new stand-alone tab for the Nature Stewards Program! New pages include: Citizen Science Tools, First Nations, Guidelines & Best Practices

Inventory & Monitoring, Mapping Tools and Recovery Planning, as well as updated content to our For Educators, For local governments and Restoration Planning - Diversity by Design pages.


Endangered Times – Spring/Summer 2019: What’s New?

Here is a recap of what we have been up to since our last newsletter, and what is on the horizon for the coming spring/summer:

Live on You Tube SCCP Webinar: Species at Risk - At the Urban/Rural Interface

The seventh in our series of 'lunch and learn' webinars is now live on the SCCP's You Tube Channel! Our multi-year series has focused on the regulatory responsibilities, tools and resources to address stewardship and protection responsibilities for biodiversity, species at risk and critical habitat on BC's south Coast during development and other land use activities.

Remember to check out our upcoming events!

Native plant gardening workshops and webinars oh my! The SCCP is proud to offer a number of activities to wring in spring 2019 including native plant gardening workshops and our next webinar. Click on our Events and Workshops page to check out upcoming opportunities and to register.

The Value of Indicators - now posted to our You Tube channel

For those that were unable to tune in, or those that would like an encore, our webinar from last week with Josephine Clark of Metro Vancouver and Sarah Gergel from UBC is now posted to the SCCP’s You Tube channel through the following link: https://youtu.be/kgrfoS2RkaE

You can check out the complete SCCP webinar archive at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClaFkFYYC2TP0-2H5vdmscQ

Conservation Connections 2018

On Oct 10th, 2018 the SCCP hosted its annual South Coast species at risk networking event. This year the event was held in North Vancouver and had almost 50 participants from a wide range of environmental backgrounds from across the South Coast. 

The SCCP talked about its newest resources, including the our most recent publications: Species at Risk and Critical Habitat: Understanding Responsibilities & Making Informed Decisions on Private Land. and Gardening with Native Plants in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley

View the presentations from the following:

New Decision Guide for Protecting Critical Habitat on Private Land

Hot off the e-press, our most recent publication Species at Risk and Critical Habitat: Understanding Responsibilities & Making Informed Decisions On Private Land (Sept. 2018) has been developed specifically for addressing roles and responsibilities around dealing with species at risk and critical habitat on private lands on BC's South Coast.

Upcoming Species at Risk Networking Event

Catch up with the SCCP and others involved in species at risk recovery for our annual South Coast species at risk gathering! This year, the event will be on October 10th and held in North Vancouver. There will be a number of speakers, including two engaging panels. There will be special focus on the Sunshine Coast and Sea-to-Sky Corridor. Registration is required with the deadline being October 5th. For more information, including the agenda, and to register - click HERE.


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