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Length: males 6.4—6.8 cm, females: 6.5—7.0 cm. A relatively large dragonfly, sexes are similar in colouration (females slightly larger). The head is brown with greenish-grey eyes that meet across the top of the head. The face below the eyes is marked with yellow. The thorax is greenish-brown with fine hairs and a metallic luster. A bold yellow stripe extends diagonally from the dorsal area along each side of the thorax. The wing vein at the front of the wing is yellow, the rest are black. The abdomen is black with yellow bands on the dorsal area of each segment (somewhat wider and more v-shaped near the bulbous abdominal tip). Legs on this species are unusually long. Females in the family Macromiidae lack an ovipositor (structure used to deposit eggs). Populations from the South Coast and Shuswap regions are darker. The 3.1 cm larvae have a prominent horn between the antennae, large eyes and long legs. The abdomen is broad, round and has high, slightly arched dorsal hooks.

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Global Status: 
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BC List Status: 
Blue (Considered to be of Special Concern)


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