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Length: 17.9-23.7 cm Tail: 3.5-5.5 cm Weight: males 142 g; females 119 g. The body is stocky and cylindrical with flat, paddle-shaped front feet with five strong, straight claws used for digging. The feet, tail and snout are pink or whitish and almost hairless except for the vibrissae (whiskers) which are used instead of visual cues for navigation and foraging. The pads or palms on the front feet face outwards. The fur is characteristically short, with a soft velvety or silky texture. Colour is dark grey to black with a pronounced sheen. Most moles are not truly blind, but as a genus that spends much of its time digging underground through soil the tiny eyes and small ears are hidden and protected by fur.

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Global Status: 
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Red (Candidates for- Extirpated, Endangered, or Threatened status)


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