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Unlike other populations in BC and North America, the washingtonii subspecies does not undergo a characteristic seasonal colour morph to white in the winter. The head, back and upper parts of the legs are covered in short, brown to cinnamon pelage (fur) with somewhat coarser, white tipped outer hairs on the back and sides. The tips of the toes, chest, belly, chin and insides of the legs have varying patches of white. The outer margins of the ears are lined with black and white. The hind feet (from which the species derives its name) are distinctively large and have thick fur on the undersides instead of bare toe pads. Hind foot length averages >11cm from heel to toe-tip. Leverets (young hares) resemble dwarf versions of adults.

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Global Status: 
Provincial Status: 
BC List Status: 
Red (Candidates for- Extirpated, Endangered, or Threatened status)


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