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Length: males 3.3—3.9 cm, females 3.4—3.8 cm. Male Emma's Dancer have a violet head, thorax and abdomen with a distinct “pruinescence” (dusty or frosty appearance). The thorax has thin, black, mid-dorsal stripes (lower stripe can be broken). Each abdominal segment has a patch of black, becoming mainly black in the last two segments near the tip (violet-blue on males, tan or brown on females). Patterning on immature adults and females is similar to that of males, however violet colouration and pruinescence is lacking and body colour tends to be light brown, olive, slate or tan. The 2-2.1 cm larvae (“nymphs”), have antennae slightly longer than the head, are light brown with dark brown patterning and have light mid-dorsal and lateral striping edged with black. Damselfly larvae are more slender than those of dragonflies and have three external, feathery gills extending from the tip of the abdomen, used to breath. Dragonfly larvae have gills inside the abdomen.

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Blue (Considered to be of Special Concern)


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