Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

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Be part of the SARnet community! Effective data and networking hubs are only as good as the information - and the people that contribute to them. For SARnet to be successful and grow as a living resource on species and ecosystems at risk on the South Coast, your valued contributions are critical. Becoming a SARnet contributor and adding records and links to your work is an important step to helping the SCCP coordinate and build the species at risk conservation community on the South Coast. The SCCP has already populated the SARnet database with a sampling of research and projects involving species and ecosystems at risk for the South Coast. Become a SARnet contributor today and add to this body of work and be part of building the network. all you need to do is register, provide us some information about you and your work and you will be all set to begin!

Becoming a SARnet contributor: Click here to register. Your request will be sent to the SCCP for review and approval. Upon approval you will receive an e-mail welcoming you as a SARnet Contributor and a link to login and reset your password. Once that is done you can login and begin adding SARnet records. In your profile you can choose to allow others to contact you through the site itself (i.e. without using e-mail). This is an added feature where other contributors can send you comments which will be forwarded to your e-mail address. This option is useful for those who do not wish to display their e-mail in the records they add. You can choose to respond or not but whether its making yourself fully public or just available to other contributors we hope you will take the opportunity to network as often as possible.

Adding a SARnet Record: You must be a registered contributor to add records to the system. To add a record, log in then hover over the About >>SARnet tab, click on>>Add New SARnet in the drop down menu. If you just go to add a record without logging in, you will get a notice reminding you you must be logged in. The SARnet record form has been developed to be as comprehensive as possible to capture the diverse types of research, reporting and conservation work contributors may be involved in. Once you add a new record, please review the information for completeness and correctness. The database is designed to be intuitive and the form has some auto-complete features to improve ease and efficiency of use. While there is a baseline of South Coast species at risk we hope you will add new species to make the system even more robust and useful. Contributors also have the flexibility to provide their contact information (typically an e-mail) to facilitate networking with other contributors and users in general. 

Quality assurance and maintenance: As records get added there is always a likelihood of typos and grammatical errors. This is expected to happen when new species are getting added. The SARnet Administrator will be checking new records periodically for content and errors. While SARnet is not fully moderated, if erroneous or non-relevant information is added to the site, or if a contributor is found to be misusing the site, the SCCP reserves the right to cancel that person's account or suspend access. The SCCP will be doing its utmost to ensure that SARnet remains a valuable and evolving resource for species at risk conservation and we look forward to a grwing body of contributors to help us achieve that. If you have any questions or need further information please contact the SCCP.