Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast


What's happening with SARA and Provincial activities around species at risk?

LEGs and REGs

If you have ever tried to keep up with the labyrinth of environmental regulations, legislation and policy updates out there you know what a complicated world those of us involved in conservation live in. If it's challenging for an organization like the SCCP, imagine if you are a local government staff person or just an interested citizen!

Endangered Species Research Picks
When Poaching, Invasive Species and Endangered Species Collide

South Coast Stories

Most of us have heard stories about the impacts of poaching on endangered species. But what happens when poachers help themselves to an invasive species that is impacting an endangered species? In 2012, Burnaby residents observed just such a situation playing out.

Species Pick! The Amazing Mountain Beaver

Visitors from Australia can be forgiven for thinking there are wombats in them there hills! If you are VERY lucky you may have the good fortune to see our most primitive and secretive rodent - the Mountain Beaver.

Programs and Resources

Species at Risk in the classroom continues to evolve with the completion of a second module with a biodiversity theme and new storybook to be published shortly.

Media, funding and events!

What's New?

With the release of the proposed recovery strategy of the Pacific Water Shrew, there was interest by local media on this little known species.

Conservation Planning for Land Use Decision Makers

The SCCP is proud to announce that with the wrap up of year one of our species at risk and local governments initiative the new guidance document for local governments and land use decision makers has been completed.

Request for help with Lady Beetle Surveys this summer?

The provincial invertebrate specialist Jennifer Heron and entomologist Paul Grant (pbcgrant@hotmail.com) are working on a national COSEWIC status report for the Nine-spotted Lady Beetle (Coccinella no

Endangered Species of the Tri-Cities Area

This summary guide was produced for the BC-Hydro funded project to help expand knowledge about priority species at risk  in the Coquitlam River watershed and broader

Environmental Stewardship Program Currently Booking Site Visits for 2014

Get to know your Neighbours in Nature


Ever wonder what that mysterious critter visiting your yard might have been? Do you share your property with an unusual looking frog, owl or shrew?  Are you interested in making your backyard an appealing refuge for local wildlife and using native plants to minimize maintenance?  If you happen to live adjacent to a forest, wetland or creek, there is now a unique chance for you to learn how to become a nature steward.

Be on the Lookout for Species at Risk in the Coquitlam Watershed

Biologists and naturalists know that the Coquitlam River Watershed and surrounding area currently supports a range of endangered and threatened species.  While we are aware of many locations that support these species, there are certainly a lot of locations that are still a mystery. 


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