Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Species Are Sacred - A Stó:lō World View on Species at Risk in the Fraser Valley

"Oral traditions have been instrumental in forming and maintaining the foundation of Stó:lō /Coast Salish society. There has always been value in acknowledging the connection that elders have with their children and grandchildren, to experience the sharing of historical understanding through story, uniting past and present. Sharing history through oral society means expressing one's world view, which is a comprehensive, diverse perspective that balances the physical, spiritual and intellectual worlds. World view translates to a living knowledge of resources that reflects thousands of years of observation and connection."


This series of species at risk factsheets, developed and illustrated by Carrielynn Victor (Xemontalot) of the Pilalt Tribe of the Village of Cheam in the Fraser Valley bridge traditional ecological knowledge, concepts on the sacredness of the natural world and western science-based conservation efforts around species at risk. Carrielynn has continued to work with the SCCP including original illustrations for our most recent project "Species at Risk in the Classroom"

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