Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

For First Nations

Species at Risk Conservation in Canada could not be successful without recognizing and integrating the perspectives and knowledge of First Nations. SARA recognizes this explicitly by embedding a committment to First Nations collaboration in the Act's preamble stating that “…the traditional knowledge of the aboriginal peoples of Canada should be considered in the assessment of which species may be at risk and in developing and implementing recovery measures.”

The SCCP recognizes this responsibility as part of its own work and continues to seek collaborative opportunties that respect and support the inclusion of experiences, wisdom and perspectives of the numerous Coast Salish communities found on the South Coast. Sharing resources developed with, for and by First Nations on BC's South Coast is an evolving process that we seek to grow over time.

Artwork by Mark Gauti. Used with permission. For further information about Mark and his artwork see: https://www.facebook.com/art.trickster/

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