Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Wetlands Declaration for BC's Lower Mainland!

In July of 2012 a number of organizations came together with the David Suzuki Foundation for a Wetlands Leadership Forum. Since then a lot has happened. A small working group -- with members from The David Suzuki Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the B.C. Wildlife Federation and the South Coast Conservation Program – met to act on ideas that came up during the forum.

The result: A Wetlands Declaration that the groups committed to sign and share with their networks. We’ve committed to:

Protecting 100 per cent of the remaining wetlands in B.C.’s Lower Mainland eco-region from further loss and degradation, and restoring at least 10 per cent of our lost wetlands before 2030

It’s an ambitious goal, but with help from you through your networks, we’re hoping to influence decision-makers on Metro Vancouver’s Environment and Parks Committee to meet their own Metro designated wetlands conservation targets.

Please distribute this Wetlands Declaration widely!

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