Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Guidance on Pacific Tailed Frog Monitoring Associated with Run of the River Hydropower Projects in BC

Guidance on Coastal Tailed Frog Monitoring of Run-of-River Hydropower Projects: The Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations (FLNR) is currently in the process of implementing a collaborative study to monitor tailed frog tadpoles and habitat conditions at several facilities in the South Coast, using a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) design to assess if hydropower construction or operation affects tadpole survival, distribution, or abundance. This document summarizes the project study design and field sampling methods, as well as the first year of data collection in 2013. These are the most up-to-date FLNR tailed frog recommendations to Run-of-River Hydropower proponents regarding development of Long-Term Monitoring Plans, as per Water License conditions.

DRAFT Power Analysis for Coastal Tailed Frog Monitoring of Run-of-River Hydropower Projects: This document summarizes the results of a power analysis designed to inform one of the Province's goals - designing a study to assess runo the river project effects and underlining mechanisms, with the specific objective of determining sample sizes that optimize the trade-off between the ability to detect project effects and the level of effort required under our proposed study design. These results, and those of the overall project, will help inform assessment, monitoring, and permitting of hydropower projects in B.C.

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For the most up to date information regarding guidelines and regulatory requirements for various species and ecological communities at risk in BC, please contact the relevant staff with the Province of BC, Environment Canada, Pacific Region or the Species at Risk Program of the Ecosystems Management Branch, Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Pacific Region. Detailed contact information can be found on our CONTACT page. 


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