Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Develop With Care Western Screech Owl

Once considered relatively common, Western Screech-owls have recently declined dramatically in B.C. The coastal subspecies is considered of Special Concern due to their vulnerability to human activities on the south coast and the interior subspecies is listed by COSEWIC as Endangered. Screech-owls are particularly threatened by urban and agricultural  development and forestry practices in low elevation, mixed coniferous-deciduous forests—which provide prime habitat for this fascinating bird. In addition to habitat loss, Western Screech-owls may also be threatened by Barred Owls that are displacing screech-owls from their historic habitats as they expand their range.

Develop with Care Fact Sheet #12 - Screech Owl


image credit Gord Gadsden



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