Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Endangered Times – Spring/Summer: South Coast Voice

The Footprint Press "Tread Lightly and Listen to the Land"

By Tracy Lyster







The Footprint Press is published by the Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society (CAUSS), as a non-profit community magazine. The magazine evolved to help educate the public about local environmental issues including regular articles featuring species at risk. The magazine features articles, artwork and photography, submitted by scientists, local Indigenous and environmental activists, and other dedicated people wishing to share their vision of a more just and informed society, and who seek to live harmoniously with nature in a shared environment.

The idea for the publication arose from a desire to reach out to the public about the impacts of unsustainable development to local wildlife and species at risk after local citizens in Mission realized that letters and protests at city hall were not succeeding in influencing the decision making of council. The creators of the Footprint Press became aware of the many like-minded individuals and organizations that also care about conserving habitat for wildlife but many of these interests were working isolation and rarely had their voices heard in the local media. The magazine was developed to meet these challenges with the help of a former printer from the Wilderness Committee, Nik Cuff, and wildlife photographer Bruce Klaassen. The people behind the magazine have been very pleased by the public response to the publication in terms of heightened awareness of local species at risk and more public pressure to protect habitat than we could ever have accomplished working alone.

Quick facts: The first issue was in the spring of 2010 and the Footprint Press is just preparing to publish Issue 23.Circulation is 2000 + black and white hard copies which are disseminated free to the public. Download past issues (in colour) and sign up for future issues here

Editors are Tracy Lyster, Catherine McDonald, Joanne Long, Hilde Tonkens. Graphic design Nik Cuff, photography Bruce Klassen, covers, visual editor Don Mair, Val Pack, Mike Gildersleeve, Richard Heyman, Darlo Gong and Peter Gong.

Species at risk covered throughout the years include: Band-tailed Pigeon, Oregon Forestsnail, Phantom Orchid, Great Blue Heron (fannini ssp.), Western Toad, Mountain Beaver, Western Bumblebee, Townsend's Mole, Western Painted Turtle Coastal pop., Barn Owl, White Sturgeon, Western Screech Owl, Northern Red-legged Frog.

Throughout the years the SCCP has been proud to support the work of the Footprint Press through contributions of SCCP expertise and artwork and attending the annual fundraiser!



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