Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Endangered Times – Spring/Summer 2019: Programs & Resources:

Have you checked out our website lately? Our website has gone through a major reorganization, with oodles of new tools added to the Resources tab and a shiny new stand-alone tab for the Nature Stewards Program! New pages include: Citizen Science Tools, First Nations, Guidelines & Best Practices

Inventory & Monitoring, Mapping Tools and Recovery Planning, as well as updated content to our For Educators, For local governments and Restoration Planning - Diversity by Design pages.


The work of the SCCP will be crucial as the Province of BC Moves forward on its mandate to develop a BC Species At Risk Act. BC is the only place in Canada still without stand-alone protection for species at risk. The ultimate goal for the SCCP is to ensure landowners and the municipalities that oversee the approval for most land use activities on private land, have a consistent guide for understanding the steps, options and responsibilities involved when dealing with species at risk critical habitat. The tools and resources we develop provide example processes that can be used consistently by local governments across the South Coast and assist them in understanding the actions they need to take (and the knowledge they need to have) to ensure informed direction around effective protection for species at risk and critical habitat for their own lands.


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