Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

Endangered Times – Programs & Resources

Spring – Summer 2017

Creating a Stewardship Road Map for the South Coast: Since its establishment in 2005, the South Coast Conservation Program has employed a variety of activities and programs towards the recovery of species and ecological communities at risk. Many of our efforts over the last seven years included stewardship-based approaches designed to engage the diverse range of audiences across the South Coast.

A good example has been our Nature Stewards program involving landowners which has been delivered in the Lower Mainland almost since the SCCP began.

But species at risk recovery on the South Coast has evolved over the past 10 years. The time is right to create a plan that will guide our stewardship activities into the future.  Thanks to the support from the Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Habitat Stewardship Program for Species At Risk, the SCCP has initiated the development of a multi-year stewardship-based action plan or “road map”. Year one (2017) and into 2018 will be focused on the completion of a draft version of the Road Map.

An important part of the process will be to connect to other partners who are involved in SAR stewardship.  The intent is to see improved collaboration, avoidance of overlap in effort and ultimately the increase in effective SAR stewardship activities across the South Coast.

In getting started, the SCCP recognized before planning for the future we had to understand the present state of species at risk stewardship on the South Coast.  Through interviews, the SCCP is currently compiling a summary of who is doing direct SAR stewardship activities, what tools they are using and which species they are targeting.

All of which will help clarify what the future role of the SCCP could be.

For further information, contact Tamsin Baker, SCCP Stewardship Coordinator.

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