Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: South Coast Voice

It’s a bird, it’s a fish, it’s a plant, wait no it’s all of those things. But how can that be? Because it’s a BioBlitz!

Biodiversity Blitzes or BioBlitzes are a marathon to inventory, identify and catalogue as many species of flora and fauna as possible within a 12 to 24 hour period for a designated geographic area. This summer the SCCP’s Special Projects Coordinator Pamela Zevit had the privilege of contributing to three such events. One, for the Mossom Creek watershed she coordinated. Starting with the longest running BioBlitz in BC, the Whistler BioBlitz in June, the SCCP had the opportunity to assist entomological curation staff from the Royal BC Museum in collecting a variety of invertebrates, with a focus on arachnids! Pamela also got some firsthand opportunities to get up close and personal with one of our species of special concern, the Rubber Boa when the BioBlitz team spent the day in Pemberton. The last BioBlitz of the year was for Stanley Park where the SCCP participated in the public meet and great event as well as doing a short talk and survey for terrestrial gastropods around Lost Lagoon.

For the Mossom BioBlitz which occurred August 18 and 19th, the SCCP assisted the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society (BIMES) in planning and implementing their first ever Mossom Creek BioBlitz. The group runs the Mossom Creek Hatchery and Education Centre in Port Moody/Anmore. The event had a range of specialists from the UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Simon Fraser University and dozens of volunteers from the community. Along with fantastic weather, the diversity of expertise and citizen science passion all contributed to making the 24 hour biodiversity marathon an overwhelming success! The Mossom blitz brings the total number of BioBlitzes coordinated by the SCCP to five, with our first ones being held almost 10 years ago in 2008! This was also the first BioBlitz that the SCCP employed the use of iNaturalist for sharing species information collected. Stay tuned for the final report coming in late October. Check out the great coverage by the TriCity News: Studying the secrets of a Port Moody Watershed, Big turnout for BioBlitz in Port Moody

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